Welcome to the SoundSPOT™ at Sundial Video, Northern Virginia's source for music / voice recording and audio production services! 

Are you a small band looking to record your first single or album?  How about a voice actor trying to get noticed by an agent?  What if you simply need access to professional audio recording equipment, but can't afford your own gear?  SoundSPOT Studio is the answer.

We are an intimate studio in a relaxed environment, with everything you need to record and master voice and music.  We provide creative audio production for local businesses, non-profit organizations, churches, and schools.  We also work with musicians, filmmakers, authors, and voice talent to produce projects such as CDs, films, audiobooks, demo discs, educational software, and more.

Our control room is equipped with a 24-channel PreSonus digital mixer and a powerful workstation running PreSonus Studio One software for session recording and mastering, as well as a wide assortment of other professional gear.  (See our Gallery for details.)  Our studio also can support a small band for mix-down.  Our experienced staff will bring your next audio project to life.  We also have keyboards, bass guitars, drums, and plenty of other gear available for use during rehearsal and recording.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project, or with any questions regarding the studio or our services.